About me!

I am an Undergrad @ Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, vying for a PhD in Astrophysics.

While I am not working, one can usually find me gazing at the night sky through our telescope at IIT Madras, sometimes taking pictures and processing them- Amateur astronomy in short. You can find some pictures we have taken as members of the club here. You can also find some of my codes on GitHub here.

used to do Graphic designing, and hope to put whatever work I have done as a part of Shaastra- IIT Madras, The Fifth Estate- IIT Madras and the Official design team-IIT Madras as a collection. There are just too many things to put up properly, though.

If its day-time, and I don’t have any work, I would be reading/writing on Quora. And if I am too lazy, I would be re-reading Harry Potter, or watching some Anime!

Take look at some experiences of mine from the Home page, and for my project experience, take a look at the projects tab above!


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