Astronomy @ IIT-Madras

Ooh! The excitement! My first post!

This post is an introductory post about astronomy at IITM. I would like to bring out how I joined the club and where we are heading to in the future.
So basically, astronomy club is all about, well, astronomy. And quite a bit about physics. As in, theoretical physics. There are not many people here- just a handful- seeing as there are many more “better” clubs of the name Ibot, Electronics, Computer Vision, etc. But that’s okay. It ensures our integrity is not lost, and our focus on the subject is maintained.
It all started towards the end of my first year, in 2013, when I met a group of “muggu” guys- as people who study well are called- in the mess. One among these was a guy from Physics department, who was a member of the astronomy club. We soon found out that we both have the same vision of research in Astrophysics. And yeah, we both loved pokemon. So, we forge a friendship in stardust and I join the club.
I start attending theoretical sessions by a senior on Adaptive optics, Filters in Astronomy and Data analysis. And I am just shocked! These were areas which I never thought even existed, and here, there are techniques which could possibly eliminate a wide range of errors which get introduced merely due to the clouds!
Slowly, as time passes, I meet up one more stud guy of the club. Both my friend and this guy were ex-NSEA scholars and have substantial knowledge in astrophysics.
As time passes, I get into the observation sessions- reaching out to Orion and Pleiades, ravishing the rings of Saturn, and having fun with the laser pointer(!). And by the end of my second year, I am already a coordinator of the club, and have conducted a few sessions myself!
Currently, I am the “Chief Strategist” of the club- I take care of all the projects and publicity~ T-shirts, posters, banners, local bargaining- for the club.
We had some sessions for children from villages, but that needs to have a post of its own!


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