Project Details- Astro IITM: Part 2

Hi all! So we were talking about the projects of Astro club in the previous post. I thank Somu, club junior for coming up with some very good projects in contribution to astro club!
Now, we continue our way to the Research projects compiled this year:

  1. Sun tracker: The rotation of the Earth about it’s axis and its motion around Sun have been grossly understated as simply periodic circular and elliptical respectively. We simply assume it to take 24 hours to go from one day to the other and 365.25 days to go around the Sun. But, once start considering the rotation of the Earth’s axis, the tipping of it’s tilt, change of it’s orbital plane, change of its orbital eccentricity and so on, – you’re gonna get screwed! So, the idea is to make a simulator, or a program, which can plot the path of Earth, taking into account all these small precessions, nutations, and perturbations! Have a look at this video to get more feel for the project!
  2. Many-body problem : We know how gravitation is actually a many-body problem. So why not we simulate a many-body system and code in masses, initial distances to obtain a final configuration? The idea can be expanded to predicting expansion rate and scale factors from Big Bang and see the simulations of “Big crunch” and “Big Bore”!
    Have a look at this great page by Nvidia, which shows how this problem is simulated properly! And it will look something like this:
  3. Dark Matter Halo function: When we see the velocity of galaxies (angular velocity) and also try to see whether Kepler’s laws are obeyed, we find some discrepancies. If we take the velocity as a function of distance and go away from the center of the galaxy, we see the predicted result is not obeyed. So, we will try to estimate the dark matter distribution and see which function fits the curve most perfectly. Look at this article for some detailed explanation. Or, don’t hesitate to approach me/us for more fundaes!
  4. SDSS project: SDSS is Sloan Digital Sky survey, which conducts a “sky” survey and catalogs properties of bodies like red shift, etc. A number of projects have been proposed by the surveyers themselves. So here you go!Check this, this, and this link. How do these projects sound?

So, that’s all folks! The Part-2 of the series has been unfolded! Next part will contain some really, really exciting long-term projects that we would like to work on. Be sure to check it!


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