Videre til Danmark

Okay, so this post has been delayed by two months, and though the draft was ready long back, I couldn’t post it (there are many, in fact, which haven’t been posted in a long time). So here I am, talking about Denmark.

The story picks up after the trip to Berlin, where I and my friends part ways. Berlin Hbf was very much huge, and I had to change around 3 trains to go Aarhus, where my sis lived. The entire journey can be summarized as: You’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna feel happy about it.  

From Berlin Hbf, I had to go to Hamburg Hbf, which is sort of the largest station of Germany. It was huge, and I had, but 40 min to change the train. I had to then take a regional train to Flensburg, which was very tricky. The train from Flensburg to Fredericia departs in 10 min of arrival of this train. And the Flensburg train was running 15 min late! Consider me, a person who arrives for events/meetings 15 min early, going just on time: and that too, for a train to another country!

But drama unfolds- I reach Flensburg, 1 min late! I was afraid of the German punctuality- they should have left without me! But I run towards some train standing on the other  platform and ask an old uncle standing outside the train: “Is this the train to Fredericia?”. He replies: “Ah, the Indian. Yes, the train has been waiting for you, and a few others!”

I am amazed- was a train stopping for me alone? Waw! (I later realized it was a connecting train, and it had to wait for this train to arrive. I ain’t so stud after all :/ ) But yeah, I board (for no reason, the first class), and reach Fredericia in Denmark. It was 80 C, and had rained, and the place was just awesome! I could see a very clear sky around, but it was too cold for me to explore =D.

So yeah, I then take the train to Aarhus peacefully, and reach my sis’s place. Sis and Athimber had arrived to pick me up at the station. Back at home, we sit chatting ( Hilbert space, special relativity, Modi sarkar, filter kaapi, and Sakkarai pongal). I was under the opinion it was around 5 a.m in the morning, when my sis drops the bomb- it was 2.30 a.m, and she commands both of us go to sleep and talk the next (yeah, the same) day.

One must realize Aarhus lies to the north of Denmark, in the Jutland peninsula, and during summer, the sun barely sets (Land of Midnight Sun is close-by). At Aarhus, it would set at 1:30 a.m and rise at 3:00 a.m or so. So, it was the most extreme condition I had visited till then!

That day, we were pretty tired- so we just go the Strøget of Aarhus (which was just awesome- full of shopping places) and roam around the shops. After an hour or so of roaming, we go to the beach. I was like – meh,  Chennai la pakaada beach ah?– but I wanted to see the famed European beaches, nevertheless.

The place lived upto its expectations- not many, people, but not desolate. The water was clear- I could see rocks underneath, and there were jelly fishes. Many of them. We stayed there for a long time, and after a visit to the deer park opposite – IIT la pakaada maan ah?– but this was better. Deers following us, and all- does not happen in insti!

Then, we head over to the Aarhus University, where Athimbs worked. He showed us around the campus (which was very much awesome, better than the TU Garching campus!), and took us to his department/lab. I felt the power of funding  in the sophisticated instruments used for the research, and was mentally comparing them to the ones back here at insti- what all could we do if we have these! And after a great tour, we pack our day.

So, the day done, we return home ( the attic above, which was much awesome) and have a scrumptious dinner. The sky was very clear, but the sun wouldn’t set, so no luck, and we plan the trip for next day, amidst the Euro semifinal (Germany lost :/ ).

The next day was equally good. We visited the Moessgard museum and spent our day there. There were these sculptures of famous personalities, and phases of human life. It seems Denmark has always been at war with Rome, Vikings versus Romans, and there were a lot of spoils brought in by both the Vikings and left over by the Romans. Also, there were these war artefacts and other stuff, which was pretty interesting. There were these people dressed up as Romans, enacting the war, etc. and entertaining people. We roamed around even after the museum was closed, and after having a picnic of sorts, pack up to return home.

The next day, I was to return to Munich. After a lot of thank-yous and good-byes, I depart for Munich, and this time without any drama, as it seemed I have had enough journey for a long time!


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