Professional experience

Hello there!

I have done a lot of work over my tenure of 4 years at IIT Madras- mostly projects: some during coursework, some at an external organization, and some as a part of the Center for Innovation– an alumni funded-student run organization which has the motto: “Walk in with an idea, walk out with a product”.

I shall provide a brief overview of each work below, and the same could be accessed in detail by clicking on the tabs on top.

Please note: All the reports/content put up here are exclusively my property. Any distribution of these in any form is forbidden, and shall be dealt with appropriately!

1. Master’s thesis: Solar wind parameter estimation from SDO solar images

Supervisor(s): Dr. Shravan Hanasoge (TIFR), Dr. Mark Cheung (Lockheed martin SAL), Dr. Ganapathy Krishnamurthi (IIT-M)


  1.  Implemented a Deep learning model which would predict certain Solar wind parameters from NASA Omniweb dataset, using daily-images of the Sun taken by Solar Dynamics Observatory
  2. Obtained a high degree of correlation of predicted Solarwind Magnetic field with observed data without performing explicit feature engineering.
  3. Currently attempting to study causal relationship between the Sun and generated Solar wind by performing experiments on the deep learning model.

I have not made a separate page for this project, as it is being done currently as my Master’s thesis.

2. Light curve classification using Deep learning methods

Supervisor(s): Independent project with sophomores at Physics and Astronomy club, IIT Madras.


  1. Developed a deep classifier for detection and classification of Kepler light curves for Exoplanet detection using Kaggle exoplanet dataset.
  2. Automated the process of extraction and classification of over 1000 light curves, improving accessibility of light curves for research.

The page with details can be found here.

3. Realistic muscle model for real-time neuromorphic actuation

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jorg Conradt, Dr. Christoph Richter, Neuroscientific System theory, TU Munich


  1.  Project done as a part of DAAD-WISE program 2016. Mathematically modeled muscles to emulate them in Intelligent Robots, and library for controller created to enable existing intelligent robotics setup generate a muscle-inspired adaptive response.
  2. To be incorporated in the Human Brain project as the control and actuation mechanism of myomorphic hardware.

The detailed page can be found here. Also, some of my ‘Euro trip adventures’ can be found in this blog!

4. Refreshable Braille Monitor

Supervisor(s): Dr. Sandipan Bandyopadhyay (IIT Madras)


  1.  Developed a single cell Braille monitor with a novel actuation mechanism using Shape memory alloys to optimize performance and heat generation.
  2. Led a team of 5 students in managing budget and materials, while performing mathematical optimization and electronic design of the product.
  3. Manufactured the product at less than 50% of the market price, thus potentially making it affordable to public.

The detailed page can be found here.

5. Radio Telescope and SWAN array

Supervisor(s): None. Done independently along with students of Physics and Astronomy club, IIT Madras.


  1.  Mentored the construction and application of a 2m prototype Radio prototype at IIT Madras, thereby collaborating with Raman Research Institute- Bangalore for stage-2 by partaking in SWAN radio array.
  2. Currently mentoring the students in data acquisition and image processing of a Murchison Widefield Array as a part of SWAN radio array stage-2.
  3. Enhanced participation in Radio astronomy by 150%, leading to establishment of Radio astronomy wing of IIT Madras.

The detailed page can be found here.

6. Astrophotography algorithm development

Supervisor(s): None. Done as a part of the Physics and Astronomy club, IIT Madras.


  1.  Quantified and removed minimal atmospheric turbulence from astronomical images, using turbulence models.
  2. Automated the post-processing of images for amateur astrophotography. Currently being used by the Physics and Astronomy club, IIT Madras as a primary post processing step.

7. Body Impedance Analyser

Supervisor(s): Preejith SP., Healthcare and Technology Innovation Center, Research park, IIT Madras.


  1. Performed extensive literature survey, and prototyped a model for Body impedance analyser with fail-safe mechanisms and safety measures.
  2. Prototype to be incorporated in Vitalsens, a low cost next generation healthcare monitoring platform from HTIC.

8. Study of Cross fingering scheme for a Six-hole transverse flute

Supervisor(s): Prof. Savio Sebastian, IIT Madras


  1. Studied and simulated a 6-hole baroque flute using existing physical models and validated using real data.
  2. Studied the end corrections and barrel effects, with real world validation, and understood the cross fingering scheme for altered notes.
  3. Project done as a part of the course Science of Musical instruments at Dept. of Engineering design, IIT Madras.

I felt it is redundant to have a separate page dedicated for certain projects, when it is explained well in the project report. The project report can be found here: Cross fingering scheme_flute

9. Development of a game of Quantum chess

Supervisor(s): None. Done as a part of Physics and Astronomy club, IIT Madras.


  1. Mentored the development of a game of Quantum chess, based on the concept of Quantum games, to enable enhanced outreach of Quantum mechanics to the common people.
  2. Exhibited the game at Center for Innovation (CFI) Open house 2016 and garnered great attention from the general public, students and faculty.

The game has been uploaded on Git, and it can be found here.

I suppose that would be an exhaustive list of projects. There are quite a few more works which are present, but I would classify them trivial and move on.